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Ferdia Job Club

Unit 1, Ardee Business Park, Hale St. Ardee, Co. Louth.


Phone: 041-6857917/934

Phone: 041-6857917/934


About Us & What We Do

Ferdia Job Club is a joint initiative between Ferdia Community Development Company Ltd, a local voluntary group, and Employment Support Services, Department of Social Protection.  Its objective is to assist jobseekers to enter or re-enter, employment through the provision of individualised support and assistance in pursuing employment opportunities. It is a free service and assists job seekers through a number of supports. These comprise of a ‘drop-in’ service, formal workshops and ‘one to one’ support.


The formal workshops provide a forum for clients to get together in a friendly, relaxed confidential environment. They encourage and support individual skills and talents which in turn stimulates confidence building resulting in more positive decision-making going into the future. The Job Club empowers job seekers to take positive steps towards realising their career plans and to explore, and follow-up, employment opportunities.


The Job Club provides active, practical and participative support to job seekers under the guidance and supervision of the Job Club Leader/Facilitator. Ferdia Job Club has been in operation since 2001 providing support for those within the greater Ardee/Mid-Louth area who are either unemployed or wishing to return to the workforce.



To date (over 17 years in operation) we have assisted approx. 4,000 individuals, mainly word of mouth referrals who sought support and professional help in seeking employment. Over 50% have had successful placements and returned to work. Other participants have been energised to undertake further studies to progress their career goals and job opportunities.

Services Provided

Job Searching
Filling in your Application Forms
Compiling and completing a professional CV
Letters of Application
Knowing your skills base and how it is transferrable
Preparing & dressing for Interviews
 Interview Questions and Answers
Mock Interviews

Our Workshops

In general the Job Club Programme runs for three weeks from 10am to 1pm Monday to Friday, however, there are one-off, one week CV Workshops, and Interview Technique Workshops depending on demand.

‘If you are unemployed and wishing to return to work we facilitate

CV Preparation/Job Searching/Interview Techniques etc.,

Feel free to call in any time and we will be delighted to assist.


These Workshops are continuous throughout the year so to ensure a place at a time that suits you please contact us at your earliest convenience.’

Any assistance you require to make the journey from unemployment to employment easier is available to you through our services. So, if you think we can help you please do not hesitate to phone 041-6857917/934 to make an appointment to come in and have a chat.

Our official registered office/address is Ferdia Job Club, Unit 1, Ardee Business Park, Hale St. Ardee, Co. Louth.

EMPLOYERS – Do You Need Reliable Staff?

If you can say yes to the above then Ferdia Job Club can help you.

For over 17 years we have built strong working relationships with the local business community and have been the instigator of many strong working relationships.

We are not a recruitment agency, but, if you require staff just phone us and we will match our client’s skills with your requirements.  Then, with their permission, we can forward their details to you which will allow you make contact and interview if considered suitable.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the local business people who have availed of the Job Club Services to date. It is very much appreciated.


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Ferdia Job Club, Unit 1, Ardee Business Park, Hale St. Ardee, Co. Louth.


Phone: 041-6857917/934

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